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"Cold Logistics Box" Vaccine Logistics Box Series Announced!

Plus 4 ℃ ~ minus 86 ℃ to realize, is ideal for storage 1L, 10L, 25L, (including a complete schedule) 130L and transport of vaccine.

The ultra-cold Logibox is specially designed for the transportation of vaccines and biological samples. Remote temperature monitoring and adjustment of the real-time can be a household electrical outlet or car cigarette plug or et al power supply is also possible box. Achieves high-speed cooling from + 30 ° C to -86 ° C depending on the capacity. This box is ideal for ultra-cold transportation, which maintains a constant level without temperature fluctuations and is resistant to shaking. Furthermore, it contributes to the conservation of the global environment with products with a global warming coefficient of "zero" .

Patent-pending Japanese Patent Application No. 2020-217096

​Other products 4 types 1L, 10L, 25L, 130L

It is a 1L container. The temperature range is + 4 ° C to -86 ° C,

Weight is 13.5kg, outer dimensions: 270x270x450

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