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6月 Hychill社製炭化水素冷媒ガス」の販売代理店
​   間で締結しました。


  1月 ナノ・コールド研究部門を新設しました

   主席研究員 内藤 富久(㈱思考館代表)
​     研究員 平野 保則(㈱思考館)
                 研究員 今津 秀則(㈱思考館)



アンカー 1
October 29th, 2009 The 25th Regular Study Meeting of the Organic Waste Recycling Association was held.
The event was held at the First Members' Office Building of the House of Representatives, and our Executive Officer Norihisa Masaki
We have announced a solution for hospitals of "Machine Magnetic Pyrolyzer"

​October 4 "Description of MG22Eh Organic Magnetic Pyrolysis Energy Converter"

Meeting” was held at the Sumida Industrial Hall.

Product from Kenzo Hirakui, President of Nissho Engineering Co., Ltd.

and about his valuable experience with the licensing process after that.

I got it.

​ As the distributor of MG22Eh, we are a sales partner of this product

We are looking for. Please contact us by email if you are interested.

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Please note that we will be closed on August 15th (Mon) and 16th (Tue) for summer vacation.
"Smart Plant Cultivation Container" has changed its name to "Smart Agriculture Container". The first unit will be installed at Nissho Engineering Co., Ltd. in Tochigi Prefecture after arriving in Japan in early May.
We are pleased to inform you that we have concluded a technology development and product mutual sales partnership agreement with Nissho Engineering Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yaita City, Tochigi Prefecture).
​Partnership in the development (including improvement) of the MG-22 series developed by Nissho Engineering Co., Ltd. (generator attached to organic magnetic pyrolysis energy conversion device and food dryer) Please click the pdf below for details of the MG-22 series.
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