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In the company plan
We are striving to develop technologies to "protect the global environment for the next generation" and are working to solve environmental issues by researching solution services to upcycle waste as well as recycling resources.
The heat generated in combination with the "MEDICOST (MG22Eh device)," which reduces the volume of organic materials (1/200 to 1/400) through magnetic pyrolysis instead of burning them, including the extreme cooling by the power-saving "Stirling engine," can be converted into energy and power can be generated. These contribute to SDG's that make ecological and clean circulation a reality.
In the natural refrigerant gas sector, which can solve both global environmental protection and economic efficiency, we are selling wholesale "HyChill natural refrigerant gas," which contributes to a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Simply filling existing air conditioning equipment with this natural refrigerant gas has been proven to extend the service life of the equipment and significantly reduce electricity consumption. From the viewpoint of global environmental protection, the world is now moving toward natural refrigerants.

​ Representative Director and President   Koji Yamada
Main members

Trade name: Stirling Engine Japan  Ltd.


English trade name: Stirling Engine Japan Ltd.


HP :


Established: May 17, 2016


Capital: 57,800,000 yen


Residence: Headquarters:

Taiheicho Bldg.501,1-20-7,Taihei,Sumida-ku,

Tokyo, 130-0012 Japan


Tokyo, 130-0012 Japan

Business: Stirling engine solution development and sales

And provision of LOTA service (remote temperature control system)


Main members
​Representative Director Koji Yamada
Executive Officer Norio Takahashi
​CFO Yusuke Yamada
Counselor Michio Horiuchi
​ Representative Director of Research Institute of Light and Wind Co., Ltd.
Technical advisor Yu Hongguo
Nano/Cold Research Division

Chief Researcher Tomihisa Naito (Representative of Shikoukan Co., Ltd.)

Natural refrigerant gas sector

Hychill Business Executive Engineer Kazuhiko Nara

History of the company

May 2016 Stirling Engine Japan GK Established with capital of 9.9 million yen

Started marketing research on Stirling engine in Japan.


June 2018 Completed marketing research and decided to expand sales in Japan.

GK to Co., Ltd. Stirling Engine Japan Co., Ltd.      


October 2018 Increased capital to 19.9 million yen.


November 2018 with China Stirling Engine Manufacturing Ltd. in Japan and Southeast Asia

Signed GSA contract


Capital increase of 2020 December the capital, and 57.80 million.



General Counsel
Masahiro Kurosu
Tokyo Total Law Offices
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