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Box that can be used for everything from living body / corona vaccine transportation to food transportation

Announcing the "Ultra-Cold Logistics Box" Vaccine Logistics Box Series with movement and storage (deferred) functions !

Temperature range from + 30 ° C to minus 86 ° C

Since it is a product with a global warming coefficient of "zero", it contributes to the conservation of the global environment.

Ideal for storage as well as movement Multi-working ultra-cold log box

Temperature range: + 30 ℃ ~ -40 ℃
Volume: 25L
Weight: 25 kg
External dimensions: 580x481x615
Temperature range: + 4 ° C to -86 ° C
Volume: 1L
Weight: 13.5 kg
External dimensions: 270x270x450
Temperature range: + 30 ° C to -80 ° C
Volume: 10L
Weight: 23 kg
External dimensions: 580x481x615
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