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Stirling Engine

 What is a Stirling engine?
Power generation, cooling and polar cooling
 It is an engine that can contribute to energy saving
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What is a Stirling engine?

What is the Stirling Engine?

Stirling engine

Gas such as hydrogen and helium is sealed in the cylinder with an external combustion engine.

An engine that operates the piston by repeating heating and cooling from the outside

Compared to internal combustion engines (gasoline / diesel), it does not explode, so it has low noise, easy to clean exhaust gas, and high thermal efficiency.

In addition, it is an engine that is expected for a low-carbon society because it does not use refrigerants such as CFCs.

Its history was invented in 1816 by Scottish engineer and minister Robert Stirling, and it was in the limelight as an engine with less risk of explosion, as opposed to the steam engine that was in full swing at the time.

After that, when the gasoline engine invented in 1877 and the diesel engine appeared in 1893, the Stirling engine was gradually buried behind these high-power engines.

However, due to the oil crisis in 1973, the trend toward de-oiling and energy saving accelerated, and at the same time, it evolved into the second generation of free-piston type, and the Stirling engine was reviewed and development progressed to the present.


Product introduction

Our Servuces



Cryo S

80 watt air cooling engine

cryo s100.png


Power M

800 watt water-cooled power engine

Power M


Cryo M

800 watt water cooling engine

​Cryo M

Case study

Case Study 1

AUCMA adoption example

Comparison of Stirling engine, compressor and cooling capacity

​ Stirling engine, compressor and cooling capacity comparison


​Save the Earth Medicost (MG22Eh)

"Organic matter magnetic pyrolysis energy conversion device" Medicost is a device that can process organic matter without burning it. It is possible to protect the global environment, reduce greenhouse gases, effectively utilize organic resources, and recycle resources.


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